Xmas 2023 at IES Cerro del Viento

This year our school with the help of our two conversation auxiliaries Lauren and Sean has worked on has worked on different seasonal traditions.


Xmas card writing

Writing a Christmas card in English is one of the top December activities for EFL learners. At this time of year, many people are thinking of writing to loved ones and friends to wish them a merry Christmas or a happy holiday season. But what should you write in the card? A big thank you to our English Department for their time and inspiration on this workshop. Many student have joined in and written their cards using literary quotes and typical English language seasonalgreetings after working on the topic.

Origins of Xmas from British Council

Did you know that in ancient times people had mid-winter festivals and believed that these festivals would help the sun to return after the long winter. In the year 440, the Christian Church decided that the birth of Christ should be celebrated every year on 25 December. Christians started to include some of the mid-winter festival traditions in their Christmas celebrations, including decorating their homes with green plants. The British Council tell us more about the topic. Click on link

Would you like to have British Xmas?

Students enjoyed and had fun with comic video of British versus American traditions like 鈥burning letters for Father Xmas or setting off explosives at the dinner table鈥漜ompleting questionnaires and sharing personal experiences interacting in groups.

And of course, John Lennon for Xmas

On a more serious tone, students once again, as most years, had a look into John Lennon麓s work reading about:

Memorial centre in Central park:

John Lennon麓s great Xmas Song Happy Xmas:

UNICEF 鈥榳orld version鈥 of John Lennon classic invites all to Imagine a better world for children


A big THANK YOU to all for your collaboration!!!

Merry Xmas!

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