Safe-o-Ween, by Azia Egbe


This Halloween will be different from most that we鈥檝e celebrated in the past. Halloween is usually a time of great festivities and fun. We dress up in costumes, meet up with friends, and depending on your age group, go trick or treating or to a party. I have always loved Halloween because, like most holidays, it is a time of community. It is an excuse to make spooky, Halloween themed treats and be creative while spending time with our friends and family.

However, with COVID-19 still in full swing, and lockdowns or restrictions happening everywhere, we just cannot celebrate how we have in the past. Many are still planning on celebrating, and there are ways you can do this safely. In 2020, Halloween can be deemed Safe-o-Ween.

Some ways to stay safe this year are:

  1. Making a mask that coordinates with your costume. Sure FFP2 masks aren鈥檛 the most stylish, but handmade fabric masks are easy to whip up and can be made in a variety of breathable fabrics. Buying mask filter material at the fabric store can add an extra layer of proven protection. Get creative, and make a mask that matches your costume perfectly, or choose a costume that requires a mask to begin with.

  1. Remember to social distance. This can be hard when trick-or-treating in groups or knocking on doors, but it can be done. Homeowners can watch for Trick or Treaters from the window and set the candy out beforehand, they can even make a candy dispenser from a milk jug or plastic carton like this example. Friends, don鈥檛 huddle! Make sure you keep space between you as you walk, and be courteous to other passing groups.

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