My Thoughts on the COVID-19 Situation in Spain By Azia Egbe


COVID-19 or Coronavirus is frightening to many, despite the messages that we’ve received to remain calm. It is rare for an entire country to shut down, let alone the entire world. Countries, continents and major cities like Madrid, Paris and New York have all instituted policies that order their citizens to stay home. Photos of empty streets and empty shelves in grocery stores are all over the internet. Social media sites are rampant with arguments about whether brands should be posting COVID-19 warnings or continuing to sell their goods.
Small businesses are at risk of shutting down, all over a virus that many thought was like the flu only a few short weeks ago. I am impressed with the way the Spanish government has taken action, something that is slow to come in the United States. Life is as usual for many people in the US. Many Americans are hiking, going to the beach, visiting with friends and having small gatherings like there is no immediate threat to their health. Many are protesting curfews and further lockdowns. While it will seem crazy to Europeans and Spanish people that this could be going on, as an American, I understand rebellion and independence are merely cornerstones of our culture. The US is a country built on the premise of personal freedom, and it is a national sentiment to exercise it as much as possible. Unfortunately, due to a lack of preparedness worldwide, there is an extreme shortage of medical supplies in the US which will surely lead to a lot of deaths. Even more, if people refuse to avoid socializing.
One of the major differences between New York, NY and Malaga, Spain is that Spanish people seem to value familial relationships much more. With the arrival of COVID-19, I’ve been shocked to hear my friends in NYC say the reason they are still socializing with friends is because they see human interaction as a form of therapy. They don’t want to imagine a life where they have to be alone for a period of time, even if it means risking their lives. It’s very sad to hear that, and it makes me wonder how different things could be in the US if people not only valued their family relationships more, but were also more globally aware. This is a worldwide problem. I hope that from one end of the earth to the next, we’re able to come together and do our small part to preserve our own health and that of others.

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