Halloween October 2021.


Who needs horror movies when a good story can send chills down your spine just as well if not better?

Step by step at school we are recovering from this uncomfortable pandemic situation and although we have not been able to go back to normality completely, activities have taken place for Halloween with a special program for ESO and Bachillerato students.  

First and second ESO students have worked on the activity “My friend the monster” designing and creating a friendly fiction character using recycled materials.  Many “friendly creepy creatures” have shared live oral presentations in class, as well as video and comic projects. Student´s participated and enjoyed sharing the collaborative experience. Akansha, our conversation auxiliary also prepared a great interactive Presentation. Projects have been exposed on class boards.

Upper Secondary and Bachillerato students have worked on writing Halloween Narratives. Participation has been great, as we have received many collaborations.  We have had stories on paranormal situations, dark figures, spooky clowns, ghosts, tentacled-creatures, walking dead, zombies, etc. 1º de Bachilerato students cooperated by preparing the “Halloween Story board” A big thank you to all!

The Music Department   prepared a special thematic activity for our young 1ºESO students. The original Disney Silly Symphony´s “Spooky Scary skeletons” were accompanied with a body percussion   sing song which students enjoyed a lot.