How is halloween different in the U.S. compared to Spain?, by Daniel Becker


Maybe you have seen halloween in american movies or series, but how much do you really know about how the holiday is celebrated in the united states? Is it really like how it appears on tv? In short: yes. 

Costumes: In the U.S. we are very competitive and everyone wants to have the best costume, and this tradition is not just for little kids. We have the classic ideas like witches, ghosts, zombies, but also more creative ideas like celebrities, characters from movies or series, or dressing up as puns. Curious to see some more costumes for 2020? Check out this list of suggestions.

House decorations: the competition does not end at costumes, we also compete to have the best decorated house. A jack o lantern is standard, and the majority of houses might have some fake cobwebs hung up, but there is always someone in the neighborhood who spends lots of money and time to make their home into a haunted house. Yes, it is a little ridiculous, but it is what makes halloween fun. See one of the best-decorated houses here.

In the U.S. we really love Halloween and it shows in the traditions we have. It is a special time of year and we really enjoy celebrating it. Along with Thanksgiving and Christmas it is one of our biggest holidays and people starting preparing their houses and costumes weeks and weeks in advance. So the next time you see crazy halloween costumes or decorations on TV or in a series, and think “is it really like that in the U.S.?,” now you know the answer. 


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