Our Conversation Auxiliaries  Giomar López y Valentina Molano have worked during the first term of the present school year with Biology,  Chemistry, Maths, History and Geography, Economy, Music and English teachers on many topics in classes guiding  students specially with   their oral skills production.

Each Bilingual Department has focused on different projects creating products and productions which have been shared collaboratively on our Bilingual Boards, Classroom boards as well as our social media.

Both auxiliaries have prepared scaffolding materials and presentation in cooperation with all the involved Departments.

 "Higher Education in the US" by Valentina Molano and "Climate Change.pptx” by Giomar López have been of great support for bilingual students.

During Halloween celebrations a selection of different activities was put together in cooperation with the bilingual coordinator. Initially, students were presented with an introduction of the history of Halloween and its origins using quality materials and video support from National Geographic and History channel.  Students were taught about the many customs of Halloween, such as Trick-or-Treating and dressing up in costumes.

Valentina's activities included reviewing Halloween thoroughly by having the students split into teams to play a competitive game of Jeopardy

Giomar’s activities included the creation of a short story in the format of a spooky story, “Let’s Make a Spooky Story Together”. Scary stories have always been a cornerstone of Halloween traditions. The short story was created as a collaborative project with all of the students of each of the classes attended, with a total of 4 spooky and scary stories created. Each student was allowed to add a single sentence to the story, which allowed each student to contribute their own personal touch to the class narrative. After all was said and done, the stories created made for fun and sometimes quite chilling narratives in the precise spirit of Halloween.

To present all the students’ hard work and bring some Halloween spirit to the school, a poster board with everyone’s work was decorated at the school, along with artwork and other projects.


Ana our bilingual music teacher Ana Norro created a musical accompaniment activity in which students followed the rhythm of the music enjoying cooperation following instructions.


2ºESO year students worked collaboratively in groups to create live situations on the topic of  “ GOING SHOPPING” they opened their own shops and had to prepare a menu with different products  buying and selling in order to practice decimal number. The activity was a great success thanks to the creativity and problem solving learning situation created by our bilingual maths teacher Maria Galan.

Watch our students´ interviews here:

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