2020 COVID Christmas, by Azia Egbe


In the United States, the Christmas season starts right after Thanksgiving ends. Generally, this is such a happy time for everyone with lots of food, gifts and spending time with family. It is an opportunity to see cousins that live far away, grandparents and aunts and uncles. I often speak with my American friends about how cute it is to see Spanish people walking with their grandparents through the town square, having lunch, or breakfast with their parents at a café or shopping on the weekends with three generations of family members. In my experience, the only time I see my parents, grandparents or great grandparents is during the holidays. 

This year because of COVID-19, many people are being advised not to travel, but to celebrate in place and over zoom. It’s been such a long year of social distancing that many families are willing to take the risk, but you can still have a safe, COVID Christmas without large groups. The safest thing you can do is celebrate only with the people who live in your house, but if you must see your family you can try eating dinner on the patio or terraza. “But it’s cold outside!” you might say. It is quite cold outside, especially if you live in a cooler climate. Some alternatives include using an outdoor heater or eating inside with a window or door open, or a fan running might be your best option. Some families are opting to wear masks except when eating, like you might do at a café or restaurant. 


It’s actually not unheard of for restaurants in the United States to be open for 3 course Christmas Dinners or Thanksgiving dinners for families that don’t feel like cooking. Could going to a restaurant that already has COVID-19 safety measures in place be a better option than hosting at home? Possibly. 

Until the vaccine is widely distributed, especially for at risk people like our elder family members, it’s probably best to take every precaution but there is nothing like seeing our loved ones during the holiday.





By Azia Egbe


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